Let Your Dreams of Travel Begin Again! 

Allow yourself the chance to encounter something wonderful.   I have already organized the details to ensure that you have minimum stress while being immersed in the local lifestyle of uniquely special destinations.




Paris + Champagne France 

October  24th-31st 2021

Provence + Paris France 

June 11th-19th 2021



  You will be able to explore hidden villages, shop in local markets, visit beautiful chateaus, and savor local food and drink.  Ignite your passion for travel with the specialized service of an on-site ambassador.  


It doesn't matter if you are a first-time international traveler, or if you are an experienced adventurer.  I will be there to provide you with individualized support, before, during, and after your journey. 

Let me assist you in creating beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. 


     "My-Traveling-Soul" enables you to travel in a small group, activities are included.  

     I believe in providing a personalized touch. By having a travel host along, as you professional travel ambassador, you will have the comfort of knowing that someone is there on your behalf to ensure quality, implement viral safety precautions, assist with unexpected events, manage transfers and address your individual needs.*  All you have to do is relax and enjoy the adventure.    





We're here round the clock to make sure your adventure is the best it can be.


Did we mention we were there for you? Check-ins and outs at hotels, tours and shopping trips, unexpected event problem solving and support.


We'll pick you up and drop you off, whether it's to your flight, or your train.


Want to make this vacation extra-special? We'll bring the balloons (and all the other party supplies). Just let us know!

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I believe the more we explore the more we understand one another.  The more we acknowledge the commonality of the human soul.  Life is not a guided tour, it is a journey. 

These are the reasons why I have created this company.


Let me share this beautiful world, let me share my expertise, let me share my passion of travel with you. 

Contact me today, to learn how you too, can be apart of the next upcoming excursion.