Marketing An International Travel Company During a Global Pandemic?

Only I could begin an international travel company during a global crisis. If you were to know me, you would laugh at that statement. (I have been called Lucy by several people and at least of which were two husbands!) 😏

I'm being ask "Are you Okay?" "What are you gonna do? "

My answer: I Pray that I and our world at large, learns valuable lessons from this virus challenge. Not only medical lessons and advances in future management of pandemics, but lessons of how we are so connected to one another in this world. Lessons about humanity. Lessons about how fragile our existence is on this planet. Lessons about us as a human race. These are the very reasons that I travel in the first place. These lessons are why I encourage others to live life with adventure and travel the world.

I am amazed of how people are so very similar. I have been touched throughout my travels by how I can connect on a human level with people. Maybe we don't speak the same language, maybe we have totally different cultures, different religions, different foods, different beliefs. However, we touch one another through the eyes of our souls. Kindness really does matter. Caring about each other and the world really does matter! We are all connected.

So, I will watch, wait, use logic and see. Trusting that things will work out. I often rely on a saying I learned on one of my travels:


I only have control of my actions. I will keep being me. I will stay positive. I will not respond in fear. I will help my fellow man and I will plan more travels trips to share with my friends when this crisis ends.


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I believe the more we explore the more we understand one another.  The more we acknowledge the commonality of the human soul.  Life is not a guided tour, it is a journey. 

These are the reasons why I have created this company.


Let me share this beautiful world, let me share my expertise, let me share my passion of travel with you. 

Contact me today, to learn how you too, can be apart of the next upcoming excursion.